About Rangoli India Restaurant and reviews

Rangoli India Restaurant, in the heart of San Jose, offers sophisticated Indian cuisine in an upscale, elegant atmosphere. Come taste our delicious Indian cuisine and see why we are a 2013 Michelin Guide Recommended restaurant . We’ve won countless awards since opening in 2006, including Talk of the Town, Best of San Jose and South Bay Accent’s 200 Top Dining Spots.

When opening Rangoli, we set out to create an elegant Indian restaurant that offered artistic, creative versions of Northern and coastal Indian dishes. Our name, “Rangoli,” is drawn from a popular Indian style of art featuring patterns and designs in rich, jewel-like colors. Our restaurant is decorated in these vibrant hues, with Sanskrit script gracing the walls. Our interior welcomes you with private dining alcoves and fresh orchids on each table. Our attentive, gracious service invites you to linger and enjoy your dining experience.

Our food is unusual and high quality, served in generous portions at budget-friendly prices. Start with our small plates, which give you the chance to sample our unique style. Try the Gulab-Mary Naan, almond pesto with rosemary and asiago cheese, on tandoori naan, or the Honey Cauliflower, crisp-fried cauliflower coated with sweet Indo-Chinese sauce. We promise a rounded experience at our restaurant. Rangoli’s exceptional wine list features wines selected by our sommelier, Sonu Singh, to pair especially well with Indian food.

For your entrée, customers rave about our chicken tikka masala, tender grilled chicken in creamy, brightly flavorful sauce. We specialize in seafood, including lobster korma, lobster tails in a rich, béchamel-style sauce, and prawn saag, tiger prawns cooked with baby spinach, ginger and garlic. Vegetarians are not left out, with many vegetarian options to choose from. Try the baingan bhartha, tandoori-smoked eggplant and green pea curry, with one of our fresh-baked naan breads. Whatever you choose, you will experience the best Indian food and most beautiful ambience San Jose has to offer.

Be sure to visit us at lunchtime for our lunch buffet, an impressive array of vegetarian and meat curries, naan, rice dishes, salads and desserts. We are open every day for dinner and on Monday through Friday for lunch. On Sundays, we offer a sumptuous brunch buffet with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine.

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    SAN JOSE, CA, 95124

    3695 Union Avenue 

    Hours: MONDAY: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm 

    Hours: TUESDAY: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Hours: WEDNESDAY: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm 

    Hours: THURSDAY: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm 

    Hours: FRIDAY: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Hours: SATURDAY: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: SUNDAY: 12:00 am - 3:00 pm 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm 

    Phone: 408-377-2222 



Shivani G.

This is my go to Indian spot in Fremont. They offer traditional dishes but keep it interesting with a twist! It's good for drinks, dates or groups. We've done several large birthday dinners here and they have always accommodated us. The chef is always experimenting with fusion dishes so I always ask what's new on the menu. Side note : if you like what they serve in the restaurant they also cater! We are booking them for our upcoming engagement party and can't wait!


Linda B.

Rangoli is an attractive and sparkling clean Indian restaurant on the corner of Union and Woodard.  Parking is a breeze.The lunch buffet is ample and most of it was quite tasty.  We found five chicken dishes! There were two selections of rice, one was lemon-flavored. We arrived at one and were a bit disappointed that the serving platters were quite empty. The potato/onion platter was never refilled which was disappointing because it's a favorite of mine. The rice platter had also not been refilled when I went for a bit more. The nan is delicious and the butter chicken and tandoori were great.The three attendants were all young men and they were not at all happy to be there and were not welcoming.. The attendant in charge of filling the platters was remiss. Maybe the restaurant needs to work on this aspect.


Nisha F.

This place has  terrible service and based on that I am giving only 2 star. We went there on a Friday night dinner , the server took at least 20 minutes to come take our order and on top of that another 30 minutes to bring our order. NOT COOL!  The serves were so LAZY , Only if they could smile a little and not walk like ZOMBIES. The food tasted average. The rice took forever to get to the table , we were done half way with our food already. We ordered Okra which was over riped and tasted out of season. Chicken tikka masala was  pretty good. Their quantity is good as well. If they could improve their service , I won,t mind to trying them again.


Samantha H.

Went here with a business client for lunch a few days ago. We were seated right away and decided on their lunch buffet. I don't know a lot about Indian food so I can comment on its authenticity. The restaurant was clean and well staffed. There was about 12 to 16 dishes, I can't remember. The ones I sampled were all very good, they were not greasy or oily, lots of fresh veggies. I'll definitely be back.


Joan H.

Not enough selection and last time we went over a month ago the food was old. The staff doesn't seem to like make eye contact either so you can never seem flag them down.


C E.

This location was recommended by a friend. Granted; I don't think I'll take that friends recommendation anymore forIndian or ethnic restaurants. The buffet is not very elaborate - few food choices compared to other Indian restaurants that have buffets. Some of the curries had a weird flavor, almost like cinnamon. Food was not spicy at all and tasted more like frozen food. Won't come back to this restaurant


rahul s.

I used to like this place. The last time I went, it took them 5 minutes to greet me and seat me. The host was not at the front.Then, it took them another 10 minutes to serve water, and they still hadn't taken my order. After another 15 minutes passed and they hadn't come to take my order, I decided to get up and leave. I wish I could complain to someone there, but I couldn't find someone to complain to.


Alan J.

My family has been coming here for a while now. The ingredients are very fresh, and they use freshly ground spices which add so much flavor too their dishes. My son absolutely loves their mango lassi.Their lunch buffet during the week is a good value, but the weekend buffet is spectacular, yet more expensive.  It has a clean & attractive interior. Favorites are the Saag Paneer, Tandoori Chicken, and Chicken Tika Masala. Also, really great naan and yummy desserts.Can't go wrong with this place.


Glen N.

LOVE this buffet.  Great, attentive service and hot, fresh, delicious food.  I'm just a gori, so I only need chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, and naan and I'll be happy (They were all excellent), but they also had coconut rice (yum), fried onion, and probably a dozen other things, plus salad and dessert.  You do have to wait for the naan- luckily for us our table got enough.  It was naan negotiable.


Cj P.

One of my very favorite restaurants. Absolutely delish, fresh ingredients, a lot of great offerings. Never disappointed. Their buffet is priced just right and offers of a wide variety of tasty dishes. We do take out a lot and the portions are generous. Our absolute favorites are the tikka masala, honey cauliflower, onion naan.


Sam A.

We had a great time here! I don't really like Indian food so I was very skeptical going in, but I've had a change of heart :) The highlights of the night were definitely the honey cauliflower appetizer, the malai kofta (favorite), and the chicken tikka masala. The service wasn't great (it took almost 30 min to get the check), but the food was great.


Mihir K.

Definitely one of the worst indian food in the area. Ex the non veg spread consisted only of chicken.  With 15 dollars for the weekend buffet...you will find much better places


Phillip H.

What a solid 4!This place ranks as above average for Indian places in the area. It's a tad bit pricier than your average place, but it has something to show for it. As usual, the lunch buffet is a solid deal. And the food choices and quality definitely hits the spot. I always leave with that feeling of "I ate so much but it was totally worth it". Definitely better than Mynt, and a good, slightly more upscale alternative to Royal Taj nearby. I definitely recommend this place.


Christine Y.

I haven't been to an Indian buffet in a couple years...forgot how tasty it could be!! My friend and I got a massage in the same plaza and we were starving. We could smell the Indian food from outside, and Indian sounded good. We went in, and were a little confused. I could see the servers walking around and someone behind the register, but nobody really greeted us initially. We weren't sure if we were supposed to sit ourselves or wait. We waited, and eventually got seated. I also wasn't 100% sure that it was a buffet, I wish the server would've communicated that when he gave us our plates. I saw people getting up and going to the side and getting their food, so we did the same. Everything we ate was either pretty good or really good! I love the naan that they bring to each table. We both went for a second round of food. I wanted mango lassi, which I found out on my way out that you could get it by ordering separately. Although the service could be better, I enjoyed the food and company so it was a good experience for me. I would probably come back if I were in the area.


John D.

"What does a monkey know of the taste of ginger?"―Indian ProverbNice, upscale little Indian spot located in SJ's Cambrian Park neighborhood. Rangoli was actually awarded a Michelin recommendation in 2013, as well as several other honors by local newspapers. Rangoli does do full-service for dinner, but lunch is when they serve their buffet (.99)―which is also the only time I've dined here. Overall the buffet is pretty decent, as I like that they have a 1:1 of Veg-Head friendly to meat-centric dishes available. Here's the good and the "meh."Good:-Fish Pakora is lovely; crunchy and moist, these are a delight to eat.-Tandoori Chicken lacked a great flavor, but at least it's always moist. Not sure how so many places manage to dry out chicken legs is beyond me. -Their Kheer (Rice pudding) is tasty―and if they have the Mung Halwa available give it  sprinkle of that and let your taste buds dance!Meh-Chicken Pakora had a nice crunch, and reminded me of an Indian Chicken McNugget, but lacked a good flavor.-Chicken Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala sauces had a good spice base but you could tell they're watered down; not to mention the chicken itself is dried-out because they use breast meat.-Most of the veggie dishes are very underwhelming and lacked any good flavor.Despite all of Rangoli's accolades and awards it is worth noting that 2013 is the last year they received any prestige; it makes one wonder if their best days are behind them? But, as I noted, I've only been here for the buffets, so it's possible their dine-in service is much better. With that said, the food here is actually passable and does satisfy the occasional curry craving.


Ashley A.

I have come here a few times and have been happy with the food and service. However,  this last time might be the last time I dine there. The man who sat us seemed less than enthusiastic  as he meandered through the dining area to our table. Which was located next to A table that had not been cleared from the previous diners meal, and was not cleaned for another 10 minutes after we sat down. The Decour was dingy and lack luster, and our booth smelt old. The velvet the booth was lined with was stained as well. The food was nothing exceptional, the mango lassi's were warm. And we were not checked on during our dinner. We waited at least 10 mins after finishing for the check and eventually walked up to the front to pay our bill. I would advise saving you money for something better.


Edward C.

Buffet is a bit pricer than I expected, especially since it was lunch time and other Indian buffets tend to be cheaper. However, food quality was pretty solid from my experience. Tandoori chicken was pretty tasty and fresh, while the tikka masala was also nice and tender. Also, the naan is pretty amazing as well, but you have to order separately which may be a bit of a bummer. Would go again if with a couple of friends.


Miyouko W.

Definitely not worth it for the wait. The food was super mediocre ... It also takes a while for the order to go through, so better to call and order next time though it's super hard to hear because the restaurant is super loud.I won't be re-ordering. They usually have the typical dishes you would expect at other restaurants.


Shie S.

Hubby and I came here three years ago and I thought this was the best Indian restaurant. However,when we came here this week,it was totally the opposite. The dishes taste terrible like they used old oil for their dishes. Their garlic naan bread is too oily as well and soggy. The only dish I like here was the chicken tika masala. We will never go back to this place again.


Anuramya R.

Disgrace to indian food. Horrific experience eating biryani here which was more like spicy paste mixed with rice. In my 37 years never had such bad biryani. Honest to god. Gave us a classic case of delhi belly - my husband had diarrhoea and i vomitted everything i ate. I dunno what they do in their kitchens. Biryani is a indian delicacy and this place ruined it dor us. Avoid at all costs. I wishthe health dept checks how clean they are.

About Rangoli India Restaurant and reviews
About Rangoli India Restaurant and reviewsAbout Rangoli India Restaurant and reviews
About Rangoli India Restaurant and reviewsAbout Rangoli India Restaurant and reviewsAbout Rangoli India Restaurant and reviewsAbout Rangoli India Restaurant and reviews